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About us


Khankhalaev Gallery

A notable participant of the Russian art scene, confidently occupying its niche.

Direction with which the Gallery works - you can call "ethno-Contemporary" or contemporary art that develops national traditions and images.


Since its inception

2000th year,

The gallery was a big and interesting way.

Over the years, the Gallery has conducted more than fifty major projects in Russian Museums and art spaces in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk, Tomsk, as well as abroad in Great Britain, USA, China, France, Japan, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Mongolia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Gallery - permanent Participant of major world art exhibitions: Art-Miami (USA), Art-Expo New York (USA), Art-Taipei (Taiwan), Moscow International Salon Fine Arts, Art-Stage Singapore and others.


In the space of the "Khankhalaev" Gallery a large circle of artists

In the space of the "Khankhalaev" Gallery a large circle of artists was formed. These are painters, sculptors and graphic artists such as: Dashi Namdakov, Zorikto Dorzhiev, Bato Dashitsyrenov, Balzhinima Dorzhiev, Bato Dugarzhapov, Zhamso Radnaev, Alexander Zakharov, Uliana Karagod, Dmitry Sanjiev, Masaaki Miyasako, Stas Namin, Dorji Purbuev, Andrei Bodrov, Tamaz Gogoladze, Suro, Gago Chtyan and others. The gallery managed to open new names and at the same time there remained constancy both in its conceptual orientation and in the existing circle of artists.

The works of the artists of the Khankhalaev Gallery surprise with the contrast of traditional techniques with unexpected, paradoxical images; Academic creative decisions are often intertwined with grotesque and stylization, and national motifs - with modern artistic language.


Founder of the Gallery —

Konstantin Khankhalaev

A well-known figure both in the gallery business, and in the music and publishing business. His name is associated with the ethnopeeper Badma-Khanda, a sculptor

Dashi Namdakov and other representatives of the artistic world of Buryatia and Russia. He collaborated with the groups Chaif and Nautilus Pompilius. Khankhalaev is one of the few producers who successfully promote Buryat art in the world arena.