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/ / Solo Exhibition of sculptor Alexey Kanis

Solo Exhibition of sculptor Alexey Kanis

30 June

Alexey Kanis was born in St. Petersburg in 1983; graduated from the Department of Monumental Sculpture at the Faculty of Monumental Art at the Art and Industry Academy named after AL Stieglitz and it was here, according to the artist, that he defined his purpose in creative development.

During his studies, the future sculptor came up with his own stone-cutting direction and a unique plastic language, combining stone-cut sculpture with the physical embodiment of volumetric mosaic; he also managed to make several large projects in China and Russia and to interest several large galleries with his work.

In an effort to simplify forms and cut off excess, Kanis inherits the ideas of the golden age of Greek sculpture from the times of Phidias and Polycletus, as well as the famous British abstract sculptor Henry Moore. Thanks to complete, laconic forms, even the most monumental works of Kanis look sophisticated and have a mesmerizing aesthetic impact on the viewer.

The exhibition was created with the support of RedDot.Art

Moscow, Artplay Media
10 Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya St., Building 2A, 2nd floor
Sun, Mon–Thu 11AM – 9PM
Fri, Sat 11AM – 10PM

To purchase artworks contact the gallery’s art manager:
+7 (499) 408 23 24

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