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/ / TRADITIONS AND MODERNITY | International Festival of Arts, Moscow

TRADITIONS AND MODERNITY | International Festival of Arts, Moscow

21 June

“Traditions and Modernity” is the only art festival that unites 10 directions in one cultural exhibition space: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, applied art, mask, puppet, digital art and museum work. Artists from more than 20 countries come to Moscow for the XIII Moscow International Art Festival “Traditions and Modernity" in Gostiny Dvor.
At the Khankhalaev Gallery booth, visitors to the festival saw paintings, graphics, and sculptures by outstanding Russian artists:
• Zorikto Dorzhiev / ZORIKTO
• Dashi Namdakov
• Bato Dugarzhapov
• Bato Dashitsyrenov
• Ulyana Karagod
The works of the residents of the Khankhalaev Gallery are a harmonious combination of traditional techniques with unexpected, grotesque images. Recognized craftsmanship based on a strong academic school is often intertwined with the national motifs of Buryatia, creating a unique and distinctive artistic language.
Khankhalaev Gallery – booth D1
Moscow, Ilyinka Street, 4
Gostiny Dvor
June 20: 19:00 VIP preview
June 21-23: 11:00 – 21:00
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