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/ / VAJRA-PUNK | Solo exhibition of Zorikto Dorzhiev, Ulan-Ude

VAJRA-PUNK | Solo exhibition of Zorikto Dorzhiev, Ulan-Ude

19 June

Zorikto Dorzhiev / ZORIKTO is a well-known contemporary Russian artist from Buryatia, whose works have captivated the 58th Venice Biennale, the Tretyakov Gallery, prestigious world art fairs, museums, and exhibition spaces. For the residents of Ulan-Ude, Zorikto's hometown, it is a special honor and joy to once again see his extensive solo exhibition.

In the new exhibition project VAJRA-PUNK, works by ZORIKTO created from 2020 to 2024 will be presented paintings, graphics, and media art.

"Vajra-punk" is Zorikto Dorzhiev's style, combining the high artistic mastery of the academic school of painting with the accessibility and brightness of pop culture. ZORIKTO's works reflect a Buddhist iconographic background and philosophical exploration, which are transmitted through a clear modern artistic language. The style name was created in 2020 by Zorikto Dorzhiev together with the creative team of the Khankhalaev Gallery. It refers to the vajra — a symbol of firmness and clarity of mind in Eastern culture, and punk —a  musical style known for its energy and rebellious spirit. Thus, "vajra-punk" represents a unique blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics, spirituality, and rebelliousness.

From June 19 to September 15, 2024
Ts.S. Sampilov Art Museum of the Republic of Buryatia
Ulan-Ude, 29 Kuibysheva Street, phone 21-43-93, 21-98-14
The exhibition is part of the "Pushkin Card" program.
Age restriction: 6+

The exhibition is organized by the Contemporary Art Gallery "KHANKHALAEV GALLERY", with the support of the National Museum of the Republic of Buryatia and the Ministry of Culture of Buryatia.

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