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About us

The Khankhalaev Gallery was founded in 2000 by businessman and former music producer Konstantin Khankhalaev. The gallery has two spaces located in Moscow with representatives in Taiwan, the USA and Singapore. It represents both modern and contemporary artists with a diverse range of art, such as painting, sculpture, media and digital art.


Konstantin Khankhalaev, being a successful music promoter, with experience working with nationally acclaimed bands such as Nautilius Pompilius and other widely recognized rock collectives of the 90s, he began working in partnership with the then little-known sculptor Dashi Namdakov.
Due to Konstantin Khankhalaev’s wide experience both in the field of commerce and in the creative industries and thanks to the great and bright talent of Namdakov, they were able to quickly attract the attention of Russian and international collectors and organize a series of major exhibitions both in Russia and abroad, in countries such as China and USA. Subsequently, following the powerful success of Namdakov both in Russia and on the international stage, the current flagship artist of the Khankhalaev Gallery, Zorikto Dorzhiev, joined Khankhalaev. Following him, a diverse pool of artists of various formats and genres formed in the gallery. During its existence, the gallery has represented such Russian and international artists as Zorikto Dorzhiev, Dashi Namdakov, Alexander Zakharov, Bato Dugarzhapov, Masaaki Miyasako, Grigory Lysak, Sergei Eloyan, Stas Namin, Bato Dashitsyrenov, Zhamso Radnaev, Maria Yankovskaya, Ulyana Karagod and Aron Bukh.


Since its inception , the gallery organized personal and group exhibitions of its artists, both in the main museums of Russia and on the international stage. Such exhibitions were the personal exhibitions of Zorikto Dorzhiev at the State Tretyakov Gallery “Imaginary Reality” (2013) in Moscow, the exhibition “Steppe History” at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and exhibitions of the same name at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Tibet House in New York and an exhibition titled “New Steppe”, which was part of the parallel program of the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019.
From the moment of its inception to the present time, the gallery has been active outside of Russia. The gallery is a regular participant in art fairs not only in the Russian capital, but also constantly participates in art shows in both the Western and Eastern hemispheres. The gallery presents its artists regularly and has been exhibiting in cities and countries such as Miami, Singapore, Taipei, Jakarta, South Korea, Beijing, Hong Kong, Basel and Venice.
The gallery is actively developing new exhibition projects both in Russia and with international partners. The gallery is often collaborating with projects which go beyond the art market, but are in fusion with film industry, fashion, publishing, murals, developing cultural spaces as well as charity projects.
The works of the artists of the Khankhalaev Gallery surprise with the contrast of traditional techniques with unexpected, paradoxical images; Academic creative decisions are often intertwined with grotesque and stylization, and national motifs - with contemporary artistic language.