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/ / 47 Russian Antique Salon x Lifestyle Programme

47 Russian Antique Salon x Lifestyle Programme

24 November - 28 November

47 Russian Antique Salon x Lifestyle Programme

November 24–28, the Gostiny Dvor hosts 47 Russian Antique Salon. Leading galleries will present museum-quality works: Old Master Paintings and works of jewelry, iconography, Soviet and Eastern porcelain, paintings of Russian realist school and bronze. The breadth of offer and high quality of exhibits provide a constant interest from connoisseurs and collectors. As usual, organizer pays due attention to the overall design of the exhibition, as well as to the educational policies, through which Russian Antique Salon confidently takes its honorary place in the calendar of artistic and social life of Moscow.

This year Khankhalaev Gallery will present artworks of Zorikto, Dashi Namdakov, Bato Dugarzhapov, Bato Dashitsyrenov.

In addition to artworks visitors can purchase books, catalogues, posters, garments from SANSARA collection of Zorikto’s collaboration with Katami brand.

24 – 28 Nov
lynka St. 4, Moscow
Khankhalaev Gallery
D-6 Booth, Art&Design Section

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