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/ / ART SOLO 2023 | TAIPEI


5 May

ART SOLO 2023 shall create the world’s first individual exhibition format of art fair. With over hundreds of artists in attendance, ART SOLO emphasizes exquisite solo shows from artists, where the audience can explore the artist’s works and their creative process in depth, and provides accurate benchmarks for collection.

Different from art fairs that mostly feature group exhibitions, ART SOLO will provide art lovers with a more comprehensive understanding of art creation through individualistic and comprehensive presentation of the artists. ART SOLO is seen nowhere else in the world, and will create the most distinctive international art event by deeply cultivate the art market in Taiwan and Asia within, while displaying a fresh and crisp exhibition venue style without!

Khankhalaev Gallery with the support of Be Fine Art Gallery presents solo exhibition of paintings and graphics by Zorikto.

Booth A10 / Be Fine Art Gallery
EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park

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