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Baikal. The Amazing Adventures of Uma

28 May
From June 10, the kindest film of 2021 will be released in cinemas -
"Baikal. The Amazing Adventures of Uma ”. This is the first Russian blockbuster about nature and animals and the first full-length film about Lake Baikal on the big screen.
The shooting took place over 5 years and 12 expeditions. With the help of unique equipment and HDR technology, the creators have achieved "vivid quality" images of the fabulous nature of Siberia and the depths of Lake Baikal.
The story is told by the voices of Konstantin Khabensky and Chulpan Khamatova. The film uses works of famous Buryat artists - paintings by Zorikto Dorzhiev and sculptures by Dashi Namdakov.

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