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Solo Exhibition of sculptor Denis Kulikov

29 April

Khankhalaev Gallery invites you to visit a new exhibition of sculptor Denis Kulikov.

Denis Kulikov was born in Yaroslavl in 1978. Having connected the profession with metal and spare parts, his artistic activity began with the idea of how to give scrap metal a second life. The process of “reincarnation” of textured parts and the mystery of the birth of each new sculpture inspire the artist and allow him to draw an inexhaustible flow of energy to create unusual installations.

At present, the name of Kulikov is already widely known in his hometown. In Yaroslavl, he created several unofficial attractions, one of which was especially quite popular with the citizens of Yaroslavl - a sculpture of a dinosaur in human size, guarding the building of the city archive.

Denis Kulikov came up with the ambitious idea of introducing scrap metal sculptures into the discourse of contemporary art, creating his own statement about global problems of the present and future through the recycling of materials. Depictions of the contrast between nature and technology, the real and the imaginary, the struggle between the natural and the artificial inspire the artist to reflect dialectically on the coexistence of man and his planet, as well as his responsibility to the world, that he will have to conquer once and for all.

The exhibition was created with the support of RedDot.Art

Moscow, Artplay Media
10 Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya St., Building 2A, 2nd floor
Sun, Mon–Thu 11AM – 9PM
Fri, Sat 11AM – 10PM

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