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We present you a new video 'Native Land Melody'

13 January
Premiere on our YouTube channel! A mini-film about the creation of a huge graffiti in Ulan-Ude.

Russian artist Zorikto has recently unveiled a magnificent large-scale mural adorning the walls of the "Buryatia" hotel in Ulan-Ude. This awe-inspiring work, entitled "Native Land Melody," masterfully incorporates the nation's artistic heritage, capturing the essence and distinctiveness of Buryatia. Symbolically, the mural, divided into two parts, represents the interplay between masculine and feminine forces, akin to the yin-yang concept, where both aspects interact harmoniously.

The feminine section celebrates the natural motifs of Buryatia, while the masculine aspect integrates traditional elements of national art. Rising to a staggering height of 31 meters, this extraordinary creation is now an integral part of the city's enchanting panorama, delighting both visitors and locals alike.

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