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Zorikto Dorzhiev Exhibition

This event has ended.

Zorikto Dorzhiev, an acclaimed painter from the mystical Buryatia region of Siberia, will exhibit his hauntingly beautiful works at the Tibet House in New York.

Zorikto is a Buryat, member of the major Mongolian ethnic group descended from Genghis Khan, which settled in Siberia long before the Russians inhabited the region. The Buryats follow Buddhist principles and have traditionally led a nomadic lifestyle, which Zorikto ably portrays in his works. His subjects are the men and women, living in one of the harshest environments on the planet, surviving political and environmental hardships while retaining their values. Zorikto’s paintings help us realize the universality of man through understanding the native people of his homeland. His keen insight into the lifestyles of the Mongolian people led to being one of the principal artists creating the set of Sergey Bodrov’s “Mongol” – the internationally-acclaimed film which has been nominated for an Academy Award, and has just won the National Board of Review’s award for Best Foreign Language Film of 2008.


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